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Glass bottle production process

Date:2019/6/6      Views:230
The first to design determined and manufacturing mould, glass raw materials with quartz sand as the main raw material, other accessories plus under high temperature melted into liquid, and then injected into the mold, cooling, incision, back to the fire, on the formation of glass bottle. Glass bottles are generally just signs, signs are also made by the die shape. Molding glass bottle according to the production method can be divided into artificial blowing, blowing and extrusion molding machine three. In accordance with the composition of glass bottles can be divided into the following categories: one is sodium glass two is lead glass three borosilicate glass
The main raw materials of glass bottles is natural ore, quartz stone, limestone, soda. Glass bottle with a high degree of transparency and corrosion resistance, contact with most of the chemicals will not change the properties of materials. Its simple manufacturing process, modeling various free, high hardness, heat resistance, clean, easy to clean, and has the characteristics of repeated use etc.. Glass bottles as packaging material mainly used in food, oil, wine, beverage, condiment, cosmetics and liquid chemical product, use is very extensive. But the glass bottle also has its disadvantages, such as heavy weight, high cost, transportation and storage are not resistant to impact etc..
Using the characteristics and types of glass bottles: glass bottles is the main packaging container of food, medicine, chemical industry. They have good chemical stability; easy to seal, good air tightness, transparent, can observe the contained objects from the outside; stability; smooth surface, easy disinfection and sterilization; beautiful appearance, rich and colorful decoration; there are certain mechanical strength, able to bear external force the pressure in the bottle and in the process of transportation and distribution of raw material; broad, low cost etc.. Its disadvantage is the quality of large (quality and large capacity, high brittleness, brittle). However, in recent years, using the new technology of thin-walled lightweight and physical chemical tempering, these shortcomings have significantly improved, thus the glass bottle can be plastic, iron, tin listen to the fierce competition, production increased year by year.
Glass bottle variety, from the big bottle of capacity of 1ML vials to ten liters, from the round, square, to the abnormity and shank bottle, from the shade bottle of colorless transparent amber, green, blue, black and opaque opacified glass bottles, be too numerous to enumerate. The manufacturing process, glass bottles are generally divided into the molded bottles (using the model bottle) and control bottles (with glass vials) two categories. Molded bottles and divided into big mouth bottle (bottle more than 30MM in diameter) and small bottle of two class. The former is used for holding powder, bulk and paste material, which is used for containing liquid. According to the mouth of the bottle into the form of corks, screw bottle, bottle, bottle frosted bottle rolling table etc.. According to the using situation for the use of a time that is abandoned "a bottle" and used repeatedly "recovery bottle". According to the containing object classification, can be divided into bottles, beverage bottles, bottles, cans, bottles, medicine bottles, acid reagent bottles, infusion bottles, cosmetics bottles etc..