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Self made simple frame glass bottles and jars

Date:2019/3/18      Views:1486
People are accustomed to use empty bottles left washed away, Qiexi mind next time would come in handy. Not only the jar so, treat bag box is the same, the careful collection of a corner full of. But the reality is, a lot of times are to be put in a quandary of these "treasure", idle in the corner, let a person very embarrassed. In fact, as long as a little DIY, simple things can become amazing stuff. Here with our feet, glass bottle and jar photo to create simple and personality.
Material is very simple, scissors, ruler, pencil, of course also not clean glass jars and you like photos. To stick with the annoying commodity label jar, tell you a simple solution. With wind, activating collaterals oil and other organic solvents can be easily removed will firmly adhere on the surface of the object labels, applicable to any situation.
Use the ruler generally out of the jar wall can accommodate image height, if the jar is slightly shorter than the photo, can use a pencil on the photos make a mark and slightly cut with scissors. As far as the corresponding photo selection of moderate height jar, after all the photos can be trimmed, and glass jar......
Of course, there are some exceptions, for example, you want to give the face a close-up photo, then cut a part of the face, choose a relatively small bottles, can bring the artistic effect to you contrary to expectation.
Then? Then it does not explain it, to bring your beautiful photos inside the jar will be accomplished. Only this one may unavoidably some monotone, then to work together, to do a bunch of it, anyway, the empty jar is idle idle.
Regular, irregular, with LOGO, no LOGO, can be placed very good-looking, not limited to photos, we can also use some magazines or newspapers beautiful illustrations, or his own paintings, can be used as raw material, simple things together always can give a person not simple feeling the same is true of life.